Hello everyone.

It has been nearly 3 years since my last post on this blog. During that time, I have been soul searching quite a bit in my life. I found that the very food that I have been enjoying all of my life is slowly killing me. I am now pre-diabetic with a fatty liver and high cholesterol. Sadly, I will have to find new and exciting ways to eat healthy and avoid the foods that could make me worse. The good news is that I have lost 14 pounds since June 17, 2016 and will hopefully lose more as time goes on. I have made a lot of different choices and I would love to share them with you.


Salsa 918

I found that Ketchup has a heck of a lot more sugar and salt in it than Salsa. Not to mention the carbohydrate level is much higher. Salsa is lighter, offers many more available flavors, and spicier salsa also helps with digestion.


Such a versatile dish that is nutritious and delicious, an omelet doesn’t even need a lot of lubrication in the pan – a little spray of olive oil (NOT PAM) or a tiny pat of butter is all you need. Dilute your eggs with a little bit of water to spread them out, always salt and pepper them, and add whatever sautéed vegetables or meats you want. This morning I ate a sautéed spinach and turkey omelet. I just omit the carbs and go full on protein in the morning.


Low carb or whole wheat wraps are fantastic for lunch. A slice of bread is heavy and holds too much, whereas a wrap is finite in its content and you can’t bulk it up. That limits your calorie intake but allows you to be very creative.

these are just a few of my healthy ideas. More will follow, and I promise I won’t let my blog lapse so long in the future.