Hello all.

There is turmoil throughout the world.  Private battles between regimes still rage in Africa.  Terrorism is on the rise in the Middle East.  The dirty secret of chemical weapons has come to life once again.  America struggles to maintain relationships with allies, relationships that are strained more and more each day.  At the same time, I have watched numerous shows about travel, and I notice one commonality among the varied cultures and traditions that I learn about:


“Love is through the stomach,” one of my friends told me today.  I agree wholeheartedly.  Our discussion on a fansite chatboard turned to food  very quickly, and being a varied group of people, I thought I would share some highlights of our conversation.

One of my friends couldn’t decide between these two choices:

                Pizza                                                                                 Greek


I suggested: Greek Pizza!                      

 He almost went for it, but then he said that the Italian restaurant he would be going to had Sicilian owners.  Well, as much as I love Greek food, I have to stay true to my half-Sicilian heritage.  Therefore, I suggested the Italian place.  He agreed. 

Oh yes.  I forgot.  This particular person is from Australia. 🙂

Another of my friends on this chat is a Greek Cypriot who says she loves a good Gyro (pictured above) as well as a heaping plate of souvlaki. 

Mouth watering yet?

A third friend from Great Britain had an assignment for her class.  She had to develop a menu of main courses and desserts for four hypothetical children, including for one child who is vegetarian and has celiac disease (an intolerance to gluten).  All of us in the chatbox were coming up with ideas for her menu, especially me because I know a lot of about celiac disease.  My mother has been dealing with celiac disease for 15 years, and being the great cook she is, she came up with so many recipes, including some traditional Sicilian recipes that she made gluten free.

I recommended potato and spinach lasagna.  It is layered potatoes covered with ricotta and spinach.  You can even eliminate the ricotta and substitute mashed tofu, spinach, and spices to make it vegan.  I also mentioned potato gnocchi with tomato sauce.

The point of this all is that we transcended our international barriers and came together as a family in food.  We showed love to each other and made each other hungry all at the same time.  Thankfully I have a pot of sauce boiling on the stove right now. 

Manicotti anyone?